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Candy Happiness meets Jaggery Gudness

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Reviving Tradition with Sweet, Nutritious Delights

In India, we have been consuming jaggery for millennia now and maybe this is what makes us traditionally sweet as people.

Jaggery has been culturally consumed for its sweetness in India. Either on its own, whenever a sweet craving strikes, as an accompaniment with meals, or as a sweetening ingredient in Indian cooking.

At Jaggic, we aim to bring jaggery in its delicious avatars so you can make it a part of your daily lives.

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Jaggery Based Candies made with the richness of Elaichi

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Most beloved taste Chocolate mixed with healthy Jaggery

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Jaggery based candy with the goodness of Saunf

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Jaggery candy riched with the goodness of Nuts

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We are on a mission to make India and the world a sweeter place

As is well-known, jaggery is healthier than refined sugar with loads of useful micro-nutrients and is delicious in every form. And it is enjoyed not just in its purest form as a quick sweet treat, but is amazingly versatile as a condiment, sugar-replacement in beverages and as a cooking ingredient.

We want to make Jaggic the brand that spearheads the movement to make jaggery mainstream, not just in India but globally too.

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Jaggery Candy is an innovative product. I love this product since I want something sweet after my every meal which is not good but since these are jaggery and comes in limited quantity, now i can eat one or two candies and control my sugar craving.

Rituka NegiHisar, Haryana


Lavyaa & me, both have sweet tooth. And munching sugary candies just makes us crave more for it.Now we have a got one healthy way to #Breakupwithsugar and fight our cravings for candies and win. We came across these #organic jaggery candies from @jaggic_magic and we love it.

Ayushi BeriwalKolkata, West Bengal